Blu is a simple 16x default edit by Ili.


Hey! This is my first pack by the name of Blu. It's not the best but I thought I'd release it for feedback for my next pack, which will be either an updated version of Blu or a new idea. Keep in mind I'm making my packs on a MacBook, without and instead using a half-decent alternative named Pinta. It doesn't have the effects of so that's why some things are too basic. In the summer I'll have time to build a new PC with money I've saved so I can use The potion particles aren't blue which is the only thing I'm not proud of when I'm releasing this. If you know how to do this, let me know @ili2#2840 on Discord.

You can download the pack below. Reminder to extract the ZIP as Mac OS X screws up compression. Move the "Blu 16x" folder to your "resourcepacks" folder. It's made with 1.11 as the newest version, but you can use this with 1.8 or newer versions. Just ignore the "newer version" warning.

Anyways, that's Blu. Enjoy the pack and make sure to credit me like so: "Texture pack: Blu 16x by Ili (".



There's always new things being added, so the above download is the latest version.


1.3 - Almost the final release! Fixed some textures like Gapple, Potion, and Flint+Steel. Also, fixed gradients on all the items. Lookin' good!

1.2 - Changes particles and adds torch. The download button now redirects to the 1.2 release.

1.1 - Adds potion and flint+steel. Also fixes fire. The download button now redirects to the 1.1 download.

1.0 - Initial release. Adds all the textures and fancy sky for MCPatcher users.